14th Memorial Staf Segers April 8, 2020

31 January 2020

The renewal of the contract for the Scheldeprijs between Flander Classics and the city of Schoten for 6 years also  insures the continuation of the Memorial Staf Segers. Also this year, the 14th Memorial will serve as the openings race of the prestigious “Lotto Cup of Belgoum” for club teams.

 After last’s year positive experience the openings race will again start at sport center “De Zeurt”. Only 19 teams were selected for this year’s “Lotto Cup”. This opens the possibility to provide more wildcards to other teams and most likely will lead to a less controlled and more open race. Freebooters will be able to go their own way, without too many tactical considerations and team interests, to make the victory gesture under the arrival arch of Flanders Classics.

Due to roadwork’s and the placing of additional traffic inhibitors on last year’s local lap, the organization was obligated to adjust the local tour. Safety for our riders and followers in the race caravan remains a top priority as cycling has been in the news too often in recent years due to tragic accidents. Given all of this it was not easy to find a route  that included the often decisive stretch: "the cobblestones of the Broekstraat".  Nevertheless, and with the help from  the local municipalities, we were able to succeeded and offer a very challenging route to the riders.

Hopefully this edition will just be as successful as previous editions. Due to the anticipated early first passage of the Scheldeprijs, the start of the Memorial is moved forward by half an hour. So we expect all  of you to be present before noon to encourage the crumb of our amateur riders.

Have a lot of cycling fun!

Koen Van Echelpoel
Race director Memorial Staf Segers.