The peloton gets ready for a windy ride

5 April 2022

Tomorrow the peloton of the elite men will start in Terneuzen. Some 200 kilometres and a few strong gusts of wind in Zeeland and the polders later, the race will end in Schoten. The women's peloton is also braving the wind. After the start in Schoten, they speed through the Kempen in their 138 kilometre long journey.  

This edition of the Scheldeprijs promises to be one to remember. With temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees and a wind speed up to 5 beaufort, the riders will have to be alert at all times for windy conditions.  

Whether Lorena Wiebes and Jasper Philpsen win the battle with the wind and win again, we'll see tomorrow in Schoten. 

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