The new route of the Scheldeprijs

24 December 2017

Provided unforeseen circumstances,  the new route for the 2018 Scheldeprijs has been set. The start will be in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. After a tour of 129.8 km between the Western Scheldt and the Eastern Scheldt, through islands Walcheren, North- and South-Beveland in the state of Zeeland, the riders will reach the Belgium border and complete the remaining kilometers to the finish in Schoten.

After 4.1 km the riders will have to go underground for 6.6 km, or actual ”underwater”, to cross the river the Scheldt through the Western Scheldt tunnel. Once out of the tunnel the riders will get the green flag, indicating the official start of the race.  “I expect spectacle immediately from the start, the always present wind in this part of The Netherlands will make it a very different race from previous editions”, says Ronald De Witte, race director for the Scheldeprijs.

“We will leave the A58-highway behind us and instead opt to take the inner roads to Middelburg and Veere. Over the dikes and through the polders of North- and South-Beveland the riders will reach the Vrouwenpolder and Goes.  Due to the narrow roads and the always present cross-wind in Zeeland it's expected that the peloton will be scattered into echelons. It will be interesting to see how many riders are left after the shifting process is completed, and in how many pieces the peloton will pass the harbor of Wemeldinge and Yerseke before reaching Ossendrecht and the Belgium border in Putte-Kapellen. From there the riders will ride in a straight line to Schoten and, after the local laps, finish at the Churchilllaan."

Details of the new route and the roadbook of the 106th Scheldeprijs can be found here!

Source:  part article GVA, Monday December 4th 2017, author Jan Auman