Benjamin Verraes beats Robbe Ghys for the victory in the 11th Memorial Staf Segers

15 April 2017

In an exiting finish of the 11th Memorial Benjamin Verraes (VDM Van Durme Michiels - Trawobo Cycling Team) beats Robbe Ghys (Lotto Soudal).

After completing 134.4 km in less than 3 hours (average 45.6 km/hour) in and around Schoten the peloton was a fraction of a second too late to catch the two contenders.  The Norwegian rider (Baquet-M.I.B.A.-Indulek-Derito Cycling Team) won the sprint of the peloton and became third.

The team price was for Lotto Soudal ahead of  Baquet-M.I.B.A.-Indulek-Derito Cycling Team and VDM Van Durme Michiels - Trawobo Cycling Team.

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