12th Memorial Staf Segers

9 January 2018

The upcoming Memorial Staf Segers will be guaranteed an edition for the history books. Per request of the Antwerp delegation of Cycling Flanders the Memorial has become a part of the Lotto-Cup of Belgium. The Cup is a renowned competition for cycling clubs in Belgium This year the competition will be held over eight races, beginning with The Memorial Staf Segersin April and ending on September 16. After each race a general qualification will be made and the highest-ranked rider will receive the yellow jersey. The races are spread all over Belgium ensuring that the winner will be an all-round rider able to conquer all kinds of terrain.

April 4th will be another milestone for Schoten. At 10:30 am the riders will gather to sign the attendance sheet and be introduced to the public at the Market Square. At 11:30 am the 175 riders divided over 25 teams will start their race over 9 laps over the cobblestones of the Broekstraat and along the Albertcanal for a total distance of 150 km. We expect them to finish around 03:00 pm.

Since this is the first of the eight races for the Lotto-Cup competition the winner will not only receive the honors of winning the Memorial Staf Segers but also receive the first yellow-jersey for the leader in the general qualifications.

We hope to welcome all the cycling fans on April 4th in Schoten!!

Koen Van Echelpoel
Race director attending race Scheldeprijs-Memorial Staf Segers